Why using the menstrual cup Mamicup?

STOP to chemical substances on your vaginal mucosa: no bleach, no dioxin, no additives, no perfumes, no absorbing gels, no pesticides, no phthalates... Mamicup is made of 100% certified medical grade silicone. It is suitable for the most sensible women, as does not contain latex.
STOP to dryness caused by tampons that absorb not only your flow, but your vaginal secretions, too, altering your vaginal PH
STOP to irritations, discomfort, inflammations, dampness 

STOP to worry and fear of leaking: empty your Mamicup only 4 to 8 hours. It gives you three times more independence than a traditional pad or tampon.
STOP to cumbersome packets: Mamicup is suitable for the day and the night for the whole period. On a journey, you simply put a little bag in your suitcase.
STOP to giving up: with Mamicup you can do what you want, carefree: plunge into the water and come out with no need to change your pad or tampon, do all sports, be active as you like. Your period is no longer a limitation!
STOP to emergencies: anywhere you are with your Mamicup, you are confident when your period suddenly arrives and do not need to rush to the supermarket... 

STOP to monthly purchasing: with one Mamicup you will manage your period month after month with no extra purchase. And Mamicup lasts several years: think about the money you will save! 

STOP to monthly rubbish: one Mamicup is enough for 10 years. No pads, tampons, plastic applicators, bags, plastic bands to throw away. This unrecyclable waste needs several years to decompose and clogs dumps or ends up in the sea. Each year 45.000 million pads and tampons are thrown away worldwide. Give a hand to the environment: choose Mamicup!
STOP to deforestation: all over the world, every day, millions of trees are chopped down to produce disposable pads and tampons. Mamicup is made of medical grade silicone, which comes from two abundantly available elements: silica and arenaceous.

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