Before using

It is important that the holes in the upper part of Mamicup are open and not occluded. 
If needed, use a needle or a pin. 

Wash your Mamicup with warm water and mild soap. 
After rinsing, let your Mamicup boil for 5-7 minutes in deep water. Your Mamicup is now sterilized and ready to use. 

During your period

Always wash your hands carefully before inserting or removing your Mamicup. 
Wash your Mamicup with water and mild soap each time you empty it.
Rinse it carefully before reinsert it in your vagina, to avoid irritations. 

When you are out, rinse your Mamicup with bottled water. If you are unable to wash your Mamicup simply use a dry or damp tissue to clean it.
At the next convenient time, wash it thoroughly. 

When travelling, always be careful to wash the cup using drinkable water. 

After the period

Wash your Mamicup with warm water and mild soap. 
Rinse it and let it boil for 5-7 minutes in deep water. 
Once dried, store it in its cotton storage pouch until your next period. 

Cleaning the holes

The 4 holes under the rim of your Mamicup help to release the seal and are very important to the good use of the cup. 
We recommend checking that they are always open and not occluded.
If needed, pass a needle or a pin through each hole. 


Over time, the colour of your Mamicup may fade. This happens to all menstrual cups, no matter the brand, but does not compromise its efficacy at all.

What you sholuldn't do

do not leave the boiling pot unattended. If you burn your cup when the pot boils dry, your cup may be ruined
be carefully with needles and pins to clear the holes: you may spoil the cup
do not leave your Mamicup in the sun
do not store your Mamicup in a plastic bag/case: it won’t “breathe”
do not wash your Mamicup in the dishwasher
do not use strong or scented soaps to wash your Mamicup
do not use essential oils (such as tea tree), vinegar, chemical substances, lubricants, alcohol to clean it

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