The vaginal balls (also known as Ben Wa Balls or Geisha Balls), are little balls of metal or plastic, generally cave, with other smaller spheres of metal a little heavier that moving produce small vibrations.

It is said that these balls are native to Japan (500 BC), also known as "Rin no tama" or tinkling bells, and the materials used to create them at the time were both the metal and ivory.


Originally the ball was only one and was placed in the vagina to increase sexual pleasure of men during intercourse, then over time they realized that Japanese women could use them to satisfy the "own" sexual pleasure; in so doing the Ben Wa have evolved in a series of multiple spheres connected by a cord of silk that allowed easier removal.

First appeared in the West at the end of the 16th century where they were used primarily by men, while in Thailand were being used to promote penis enlargement. Today they are appreciated all over the world and are similar to golf balls, of various materials, related to each other in series with a thin nylon cord that is passed within each and escapes by forming a loop similar to that of tampons.

As regards the conditions of use, the balls are inserted into vagina one at a time (including through the use of lubricants) using the same technique and "accuracy" of a tampon. Next, you would contract and relax rhythmically vaginal muscle, usually 60 beats per minute are trying to keep this pace for at least 3 or 4 minutes; These vaginal muscle contractions cause the Interior balls begin to turn into pellets deep quarries producing vibrations inside the vagina.


Ben Wa balls are used as sex toy and the great thing is that women can use them both during sexual activity itself, both throughout the day without anyone noticing: in this way the balls have a lightweight yet durable erotic stimulation that continues all the time thanks to the movement of weights in the various balls.

Basic usage is related to the training of the vaginal muscles, specifically the pelvic floor muscles, similar to the exercise of the deer prevalent in practice and Taoist exercises introduced by the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel. It is said that the Geisha used to make their muscles so tonics to do ejaculate a man only with the contractions of vaginal muscles while their from the outside remained immobile and impassive. This technique allows you to easily reach the orgasm as the various contractions and vibration created by the balls go straight to stimulate the g-spot ". Their use will initially create a slight stimulation whose end is not orgasm but excitement. Many women find just great using the balls during a pleasant sitting on a porch swing, although the most satisfactory results are obtained by walking. With the advent of new trends have increased the variants of these objects: colored silicone balls are arranged like a necklace, some may be solid, others will welcome inside them small bluebells, matryoshka style, like the famous "duotone balls".

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