Mamicup is very easy to use!

In your Mamicup packaging you will find a detailed user instructions booklet.
You can also download it



The stem must not stick out of your vagina.
Should Mamicup cause you any discomfort while you are sitting or walking or should it itch the orifice of your vagina, it means the stem is too long: you must certainly shorten it.
Remove your Mamicup, use clean scissors or nail clippers. Each woman will determine which length fits her best. Although some women need to cut the stem completely, it is recommended to do it once you are able to remove your Mamicup without it. 



The use of menstrual cups dates back to the 1930s and has never been associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).
TSS is an extremely serious and sometimes fatal disease, caused by a toxin of bacterial origin connected to Staphylococcus Aureus.
TSS is often associated with using traditional tampons.
Its symptoms are similar to those of the flu and include: sudden high fever (> 39°C), muscular pain, vomit, headache, diarrhoea, vertigo, fainting and a sort of a rash similar to sunburn.
Should you notice these symptoms, remove your Mamicup and ask for medical advice immediately. If you have already suffered from TSS, ask your doctor before using Mamicup.


As with any gynaecological concerns, please consult your doctor before using any kind of internal feminine hygiene product, including a menstrual cup.
Mamicup is not a contraceptive and does not protect against venereal diseases (STD).
Should you feel any pain, stinging or inflammation when urinating, immediately remove your Mamicup and ask for medical advice.
It is not necessary to remove your Mamicup to urinate or defecate, but it is necessary to remove if before sexual intercourse.
We do recommend not exchanging your Mamicup with other women.
Keep the Mamicup out of reach of children and pets.


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