Why should I buy a Mamicup instead of another menstrual cup?
Here are several reasons why.


Why looking far away when an Italian woman has designed and drawn for other women a high quality menstrual cup? 
That’s not a detail. 

"Made in Italy" means: 

• excellent quality with UNI EN ISO 9001 certification
severe production and safe rules


Mamicup is cheaper
Mamicup costs only 19,90 euro.
Almost all other silicone cups cost over 20 euro (Ladycup, Mooncup, Divacup, Lunette, Femmecup, Naturcup...). 

We do want to be economical to let more women use Mamicup. 

Mamicup is more elastic

Mamicup is much softer than many other cups. 
This means it is easier to insert and remove. 
Lots of women say it is also more comfortable. 


The stem is more flexible and doesn’t hide bacteria

The stem of Mamicup is soft and flexible and gives more comfort than other variations.
Some cups have a hollow tab stem that collects bacteria and blood.
Mamicup has a solid and flat stem: this means no bacteria and cleaning with ease! 



The upper rim is softer

Mamicup is easier to fold.
Once in, it makes lower pressure, that’s why women with a very sensible vagina prefer Mamicup.  .


The holes are situated higher

The air holes in the Mamicup are situated higher than in other cups.
Therefore, Mamicup is more capacious than other cups and suitable for women with a high flow. 


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