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YES to convenience

YES to environment

YES  to saving

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STOP to stocks

STOP  to rubbish

STOP  to monthly shopping

STOP  to unreliable products

STOP  to white-only

What are they made of?

Mamipads are made of Oeko-tex certified ITALIAN BAMBOO. 

Bamboo is eco-friendly: unlike cotton, it grows without pesticides and has hardly any environmental impact. 
It is very soft and naturally antibacterial, even after 100 washing, as shown by the research of the Swiss independent Testex laboratory and the Japanese Textile Federation. 

The outer side of PUL (polyurethane laminate) is water-proof to avoid soaking through.

Do they really work?


Bamboo absorbs 60% more than cotton.
Thanks to its crossed weft and the microscopic fibre holes, bamboo can easily keep liquid particles.
Bamboo needs 20% less time than cotton to become dry. 
With Mamipads you will feel safe and comfortable: the outer water-proof side protects your clothes against stains.


How do I use them?

hat’s very easy: attach the Mamipad to your underwear simply folding the wings and fastening the snap.
The soft bamboo side must be facing up towards your body, while the PUL side must be towards your underwear.

When you change your Mamipad remove it, fold it up and fast the snap. 

Then put it in your water-proof WET BAG, the right solution for Mamipads: no stains, no odours, no worries the whole day long! 

Change your Mamipad as often as any other menstrual product.


How do i wash and care for them?

Mamipads can be washed by hand or machine (max 60°) and can be air or machine dried. .

Natural cleaning products are highly recommended.
Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener: they can spoil your pads and are not planet-friendly. 

Their colours don’t run: never mind washing several colours together! 

If you follow the using and washing directions carefully your washable Mamipads will last many years!

Which size should i choose?

                                                          DIMENSIONS                                    FLOW                                    
                                                        (absorbing part side)

MAMIPAD MINI PANTY-LINER               15 x 5 cm                                throughout the day comfort or light flow

MAMIPAD DAY                                        25,5 X 7,5 cm                          average flow

MAMIPAD NIGHT                                    30 x 8 cm                                night or heavy flow

Plunging into colours

Your period is not a boring appointment. 
With Mamipads you can plunge into a world of colour! 

Have fun choosing a different colour a day, following your mood or your clothes..., just like a small nice secret. Choose among 6 trendy colours: just unleash your imagination!

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