Luna Beads

is a best seller of Lelo. When the Swedish brand elegance meets efficiency of Geisha balls, also known as Ben Wa balls, the Lelo Luna Beads: Geisha balls to increase the female pelvic floor muscle tone and to work out such deeper orgasms.


Geisha balls Lelo Luna Beads can be inserted into the vagina from the woman who wants to try their hand in the exercises of Kegel, or can be used as an object of pleasure: in both cases, the ball inside each ball will swing following the movements of your body and stimulate contraction of the pelvic muscles by increasing your ability to control them more intense orgasms.


Inside the box you will find 2 pairs of Geisha balls with different weight, 28g and 37g. You might decide to use the balls individually or in pairs, and if you choose a light and a heavy or both. Lelo Luna Beads will not disappoint you!

Lelo Luna Beads

  • MARCA Lelo

    MATERIALE ABS, Silicone

    UTILIZZO Vagina

    COLORE Rosa e celeste

    LUNGHEZZA 8,9 cmDIAMETRO3,5 cm




    SACCHETTO incluso

    LINGUA it

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