How to choose the right size

Sizing is based on your pelvic floor tone (pelvic muscles keep the cup in the right position inside your vagina). 

The pelvic floor tone depends on:


- CHILDREN: when you give birth vaginally, the form of your vagina may change. 
  Usually, after a vaginal delivery, you need the biggest cup size (L).


- AGE: as you become older, the pelvic floor tone may lower. 
  If you are over 30 years of age, we suggest size L.
  For very young girls we recommend the small size (M).


- PHYSICAL SHAPE: if you practise sports, your general muscle tone should be high. 
  Probably you might use the small size cup (M), even if you are older than 30. 
  Yoga, Pilates, horse-riding, dance are excellent activities to help the pelvic floor tone.



There is a small difference between the two sizes, but is of great importance to avoid leakage. 

Too small a cup could move and leak.

Too big a cup could not open to form the seal inside your vagina. 

Please, do not hesitate to
 contact us for any questions about the size 

Do you want to know the size of your Mamicup? Look inside, under the rim, and you’ll find letter M or L

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